Daily Creates

I only completed 4/6 of the Daily Creates since I was too flustered with all the other video assignments. Here they are:

Daily Create for 11/11:

I designed a flag for my country if I had one. Read more on my Flickr page.

my flag


Daily Create for 11/14:

Writing: What if poets wrote parking tickets?

The sky is singing!
My feet dance on the ground.
“An A on my paper”
What a marvelous sound.
Not a care in the world,
My excitement won’t yield,
I’m–oh god, oh no,
What’s on my wind shield?


Daily Create for 11/15:

Writing. When did your web life start? Tell us the story.

The embarrassing things I used to think were funny…
…are infinite. And happen to me everyday. I don’t know exactly what my first Facebook post was, but I made a Facebook page at the beginning of high school, so I’m pretty sure it was a Coldplay lyric, probably from The Scientist since I used to imagine myself dancing to that with the *~~love of my life~~~~~*. I definitely used it as a space to make embarrassing statuses like “bored. watching tv. ugh. dont want to do hw.” As for twitter, I looked up my first tweet and it was just something I’d tweeted to a friend when trying to coordinate a time we could talk on the phone together in 2012 (I was a little late on the twitter bandwagon), but then the others were things I thought were funny, like “who writes the instructions on the back of shampoo bottles?”. Yikes.


Daily Create for 11/16:

Make your pet wild. I drew my chinchilla Pippin on my magic carpet.



Hopefully next week I’ll complete all the daily creates!