Weekly Summary 11&12

Oh my goodness, not only were these past two weeks stressful in DS106 world, but I had a super important, need-a-good-grade-on-this-to-pass, project/test/presentation/etc. in every single one of my classes. Yes, that required bold & italics. I’m so happy these weeks are over, and I can finally take a second to breathe after I finish this weekly summary.

Ok, well, I may be the only one, but I really love making videos. My birthday was Nov. 5th and I got a really nice DSLR camera for my birthday so that’s what I used on the conversation with myself video. It’s been so fun to mess around with, and this week has definitely confirmed I have a love for creating films/little video projects here and there. That being said, these assignments were certainly not easy. I did 5 assignments worth 19.5 starts total. Here are my blog posts about them:

1. Activity Time-Lapse Assignment (3.5 stars)

2. Having a Conversation with Myself (5 stars)

3. Vine it! (3 stars)

4. That Bleeping Censor (5 stars)

5. Name that Book! (3 stars)

And here is the link to my blog post on my Daily Creates for these two weeks.

Overall, I’d like another video week/more video assignments, but I would also like for them to be during weeks where I’m not contemplating dropping out of college because I have too much work to handle. But c’est la vie, life does not cater to my schedule– video week was fun, got me thinking about things outside of text books and channeling my creativity. I’m definitely more comfortable with video assignments than any other assignment (especially audio). It was certainly enjoyable work, and I would like to have a chance to figure out more of iMovie and maybe other video editing software. Looking forward to week 13 (can you believe it?!)!