Weekly Summary 13 & 14

These weeks were the most stressful of the semester, by far. Not just because of the mashup assignments, but also because in the middle of week 13, my laptop charger broke. And my laptop was dead. My MacBook is an older one, it’s just the original make I believe, or one of the first kinds, so no one I knew had a similar charger– so I had to order one. Meanwhile, I did some of the assignments on the computers in the convergence center, but I’d had a lot of the sources I needed already on my laptop (pictures, audio, videos, etc.). Then I went out of town for Thanksgiving break, where I did some work on my grandparents desktop, but it was difficult to work with and completely unfamiliar, and they didn’t have a  lot of the editing software I’m used to.

All of that being said, a charger came over break, I got back Sunday and crammed crammed crammed. Doesn’t help that I have three research papers due this week. AHHH. Two more weeks, they say, let’s give you hell, they say…

Anyway, yes, mashup week was tough for many reasons, and I wasn’t able to complete all of the assignments, but I did my best on what I could. Here’s proof that I did something:

9 stars of Mashup Assignments:

Jackson Five Techno Viking (5 stars)

10 Second Mashup (3 stars)

Popcorn Assignment:

Alan Goes on Vacation


How to: A Conversation with Myself

Remix Generator:

Cartoon Jim Carrey

I found the Popcorn assignment to be relatively easy and I really liked the program. I thought it was going to be another software I’d have to download, so I dreaded doing it simply because I knew downloading it would take forever. It was a pleasant surprise when it became so easy to use. I liked that it had a similar editing layout to Garageband, where you could click and drag sounds/pictures/anything to start at a certain time. It was fun to be able to edit and remix a pre-created assignment and have a bit of fun with it, and completely re-tell a story by adding in some pictures, video and text.

Overall, I wasn’t a huge fan of mashup week, mostly because it was so difficult to put together, but looking back on it, I’m sure if outside sources weren’t so stressful I would’ve been able to have more fun with it. It’s a good tool to have since it’s so easy to take something off the internet and completely make it your own!